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  Xp Rates:200
Quest Rates:200
Gold Rates:130
Drop Rates:Variable
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  The server supports & 4.0.6 & 4.1.0 .
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Host Name: argon.typefrag.com
Port Number: 23752
How To Connect U.K WoW Private Server
Mond-wow Private servers support & 4.0.6 & 4.1.0 game version.
* Install WLK in your PC.
* Hit Create Account to create game account.
* Modify realmlist.wtf in your wow directory found here:
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enGB\realmlist.wtf or
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf to:
set realmlist burlex.dyndns.org
For 4.0.6&4.1.0 realms:
Please use Mond Launcher to login 4.0.6&4.1.0 realms,otherwise you cant play in-game!
Clike here to download MAC Launcher to play on 4.0.6&4.1.0 Realms!
3.3 Patch

We have fixed the melee attack bug and other bugs on 3.3 realms.Players need to download this patch into your wow folder to make sure your game run well.

If your PC is MAC do not allow you to download the 3.3 patch, please download the patch here.

Youtube Video
If you are new player, click Youbube Video on the Main Menu.It will help you know more about what Mond-wow is. All of those videos were made by players. If you created awesome Youtube Video want to share with other players, please send the link to mond-wow private server admin. You may receive awesome rewards.

Plz use mond launcher to login      Jun-28-2011
Blizzard have update to 4.2.0, plz use mond launcher to login game, we are support 4.0.6, 4.1.0 and 4.2.0.
New Boss Medusa      Jun-20-2011
We've added BOSS named Medusa on arena on 4.x. it loots Medusa' Trinket
and weapons.

Have Fun!
battle on 4.x      Jun-11-2011
We've update battle on 4.x. You can click H to check the list. they are Warsong Gulch & Arathi Basin & Eye of the Storm & Alterac Vally.

And you can get PVP Gold to trade for Warbringer PVP Set from NPC in Mission area.

The Party which win in Battle. they will get PVP Gold is four times than lose party. by the way. you can also get PVP Gold after killed Players from other party. have fun !
4.0.6 on Mond      May-17-2011
We have updated the Dark sorrow and sundering to 4.0.6, but Mystery is remain 3.3.5 version, if you want to play both versions, plz copy your wow, update one of it to 4.0.6. Enjoy^^
Reclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword      May-17-2011
Here are some news :

Have added 1-10@ Reclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood on 4.x. (1-8@ work for NON-VIP). you can loot origin weapon from Instance BlackwingDescent.
4.0.6 & 4.1.0 on Mond      May-16-2011

Mond-wow 4.0.3 will upgrade to 4.0.6. and the players who can enter game with 4.0.6 or 4.1.0 version. Plz make your version right to enter 4.x.

Have fun!
Shivering Isles      May-14-2011
4.0.3 new instance : Shivering Isles

It loots Oblivion Legend series items .( helm & chest & leg & shoulder for all of the classes. )
And you can get material for quest from here.
Or you can buy leg & shoulder & hand & wrist from sale NPC .( 30 VT per one.)
Mond-wow launcher on 4.1       Apr-27-2011
Mond-wow launcher works on 4.1 . ^_^

But the client is still 4.x. plz don't update to 4.1.

Don't update to 4.1      Apr-25-2011
Blizzard will update to 4.1 version in this week, Plz don't update to 4.1 on mond-wow. If you want to play both versions. you'd better to copy the wow. update one to 4.1 version.

VT Trade on Sundering      Apr-20-2011

We've added 4 NPCs for VT trade in mission area on Sundering Cataclysm. The items for exchange are Legguard&Spaulder&Glove&Bracer from Instance Chasm&Vampire Town&Lost Forest&Crysis.

2 VT = Wild Anima Set piece
6 VT = Vampire Set piece
12VT = Dark Smoke Set piece
20VT = Cataclysm Myth Set piece

Have fun!!
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